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Clip in Square CeilingClip in Square CeilingClip in Square Ceiling

Clip inThere are two kinds of integrated ceiling of : Ordinary ceiling panel and combination panels. As fpr the specifications, ordinary ceiling panels can be classified into panel 300 (300 mm x 300 mm) and panel 600 (300 mm x 600 mm). Combination square panel can be classified into 8-angle combination and Square panel combination according to the structure. As the features and its advantages, ceiling system products have full range of items, innovative designs, easy to instal and remove. Moreover, each type of product can be combined freely according to different colors, which can make it more personalized for different home decoration styles.

Providing and Fixing METACIL Clip in False ceiling system comprising of Clip in tile of size 600mm x 600mm/ size as per table , made up of Aluminium alloy 3105 , 0.7 (TCT) thick , 20 micron coil coated/minimum 50 micron epoxy powder coated , beweled/straight bend at the edges and bipped for proper engagement to 0.4mm thick clip in profile of size 25mm x 25mm fixed perpendicularly to 0.7mm thick GI main channel of size 38mm x 15mm by clip in profile holder . Main Channel is installed at 1.2mtr centre to centre by 6mm dia galvanized Suspension rod with the help of Main channel Holder . Notches are made on Wall Angle of 0.7mm thick in aluminium alloy , coil coated/powder coated for proper engagement to tiles. Clip in tile can be plain / perforated as per requirement of acoustics of the area . Perforation can be 1.8 mm/2.3 dia holes with black fleece at backInstallation of Clip in Ceiling
1. Installing the sideline in the same height
2. Installing main channel in appreciate space, the normal space is 1 – 1.2m to suspension rod by clip in profile holder.
3. Suspension rod should be installed according to main channel at a distance of 1.2m centre to centre.
4. Binding the clip in profile with main channel with the help of clip in profile holder at space according to the width of tile .
5. Pressing the two parallel edges of tiles to the clip in profile for proper engagement
6. Wearing gloves when installing panel , if figure print or stain remain on the panel, please remove it with warm water and detergent , then dry it.

Frame & smoke spread Class A (ASTM E84)
Light Reflectance (White) Lr1
Stability under humidity Yes
IAQ Friendly Yes
Fiber Content No
Moisture Resistance Excellent
Life Cycle Excellent
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