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GRG Ceiling SystemGRG Ceiling SystemGRG Ceiling SystemGRG Ceiling System

GRG Ceiling System
We offer a wide range of tee grid suspension system, which is used to suspend GRG ceiling tiles to the ceiling. These have passed ASTM standard and is manufactured on the latest technology advance machines to ensure high quality. Further, our products are available in the following dimensions:

Tee grid: Main runner 3600mm
Cross tee 600mm
Wall angle 3000mm
Sizes: 15mm
Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel with 120 GSM coating
Finish: Coil coated

Metacil Tee Grid is tested with salt spray test for 300hrs to ensure rust and corrosion free ceiling with long life and high durability and tensile strength.

Some of the features of our products are as follows:

Fire Resistant: Our products are incorporated with fire norches to sustain ceiling at the time of fire. This fire notches have space to extend at the time of fire.
Load bearing demands of various ceiling systems and particular project requirement.
Installation advantage: The unique locking system between cross tee allows different patterns interchangeability allowing maintenance of less inventory.

Providing and fixing of Metacil 15mm/8mm Grg(glass reinforced gypsum)tile of 595*595mm with RH 95% and having the NRC Value at 0.4 with thermal conductivity of 0.45with 75% light reflection along with T Grid suspension system ie Main Runner 3600mm with 24mm*33mm*0.25thick. cross runner 1200/600 mm having the size 24mm*25mm*0.25mm and wall angle should be 24mm*19mm*0.4thick


The tiles are manufactured from GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) and comprise non-combustible gypsum casting plaster reinforced with a glassfibre membrane resulting in a lightweight, strong, naturally prestressed panel.

Surface finish
The plaster has a moulded fine, smooth or textured finish and may be supplied pre-decorated to order or with a natural finish. Dimensional tolerance plus or minus 0.5mm.

Tiles are of standard size of 600x600 on coverage basis and actual size is 595x595mm.

The tiles are available in 10 designs ,

High performance tiles can be designed for the most demanding applications where special environmental requirements are called for.

Physical Data :
Material :
Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Surface :
Smooth, Woodengrain (available with factory applied Stain)
Edge : Tegular
Advantage, Durable, Non Combustible, Superior thermal, Asbestos Free, Don’t wrap, sag shrink, Excellent Light Reflectance, Good Acoustic Properties, Perfect Design and Finsih, Repaintable, Easy to install and clean

Fire Performance
British Standards:
GRG tiles are rated non-combustible as defined in BS 476 : Part 4.

Surface spread of flame:
GRG tiles are rated Class 1 for surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part 7: 1987 .

Fire propagation:
Tested to BS 476 : Part 6: 1989, GRG tiles achieved a final index of 1.4 indicating a Class 0 material

Smoke and toxic fume emission:
GRG tiles are zero rated for smoke emission . No toxic fumes are given off.
Humidity :
The tiles have excellent moisture resistance and can be used in areas of high humidity including covered external areas. Tested in an atmosphere of 95% RH at 21 deg C for 14 days, the tiles did not sag or distort and showed only minimal increase in weight .
Acoustics :
Sound absorption:
High performance perforated plaster tiles are able to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) of 0.74 (equal to perforated metal tiles), while semiperforated tiles e.g. 707, have NRC values of 0.58 (equal to mineral fibre tiles).

Sound attenuation:
Tests have confirmed Sound Transmission Coefficients (STC) of 38 and proper partition head seals. Different results can be expected for different designs .

Point loading :
Each tile will accept a point load of up to 13kg without the need of a yoke.

Biological :
GRG tiles will not support the growth of bacteria or other micro organisms.

Thermal :
Thermal conductivity, (k value): 0.45W/mK

Optical :
Light reflectance of self-finished tiles is estimated at 75%.

Life-span :
Under normal conditions GRG tiles will not deteriorate and can be expected to last the lifetime of the building.

Transport, Handling and Storage
Tiles are supplied packed in cardboard cartons. Tile cartons should be stacked in the vertical position only, never flat; the stack should be a maximum of 3 high. Similarly, tiles should be stacked vertically when awaiting fixing. The exception to this rule is the Economy tile which has been designed to be stored and transported flat.

Installation :
The tiles are designed for installation on a standard 15mm table exposed metal grid. Grid Hanging centres depend on the weight of tiles used and will be specified by the grid manufacturer; the recommended dimensions should be strictly followed.

Cutting :
Tiles can be easily cut on site using a carpenters fine tooth saw; the tiles should be placed face up on a flat, clean surface for cutting.

Light fittings :
Particular care should be exercised in selecting light fittings for use with suspended ceilings; certain types and classes of fitting may be found to create undesirable lighting effects. The most satisfactory and functional fitting is the flush, recessed luminaire; this will be found to provide excellent general illumination while eliminating shadow effects on the ceiling caused by side lighting. Light sources and fixtures which cause grazing lighting effects across the ceiling surface are not generally satisfactory. These fittings may result in exaggeration of surface irregularities as small as 0.1mm (particularly on fine textured tiles) and may also create apparent colour variations in the tiles.

Decoration :
Where unpainted tiles are supplied and special finishes are required, the most effective method of painting is to dip the tiles in a tank containing a dilute solution of emulsion paint. Depending on the type of paint, 1 part paint : 4 parts water usually works, but a little experimentation may be needed. Dip time will range from 5 - 30 seconds depending on density of colour, agitation of the tile is required to release entrapped air bubbles. The painted tiles can be installed in the grid within 5 minutes and left to dry in situ. The tiles can also be decorated in situ to individual requirements using emulsion, acrylic or oilbased paints in gloss, matt or eggshell finishes applied by brush or spray.

Access :
Lay-in tiles are easily removed at any time by simply lifting them out, thus providing excellent access to services etc. installed in the ceiling void. Concealed tiles are also easily demounted although the method used will vary depending on the particular tile used.

Maintenance :
Metacil tiles can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or even washed in a bath using a mild detergent solution.

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