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Gypsum Board Ceiling

Developed through modern technology as a result of specific requirements, gypsum board is mainly used as the surface layer of interior walls and ceilings; as a base of ceramic, plastic, and metal tile; for exterior soffits for elevator and other shaft enclosures; as area separation walls between occupancies; and to provide fire protection to structural elements. Standard size gypsum boards are 1219mm wide and 1829mm by length. They are available with us in the thickness of 12.5mm. Metacil Gypsum Board are new type of ceiling boards made up of building gypsum with fibre and additive and covered with special papers. Our superior technique and manufacturing process ensures our products and the surface is suitable for any decoration. The product are produced with excellence in lightness, strength, sound insulation, heart preservation and shock resistance etc. Furthermore they are convenient for installation, good for decoration.

Four Types of Gypsum Boards available are :
1. Standard Gypsum Board
2. Fire Resistant Gypsum Board
3. Water Repellant Gypsum Board
4. Sound Attenuation Gypsum Board

Gypsum Board Ceiling
The Metacil Suspended System is ideal for commercial and domestic applications, where services are to be accommodated and when upgrading and protecting existing structures. Ceiling height may be varied to accommodate services or ducting, etc. providing a high performance ceiling with sound insulation and fire protection.

The system is compatible with Metacil partitioning systems and is suitable for direct decoration or textured finish.Always suspend heavy loads,such as air ducting,lighting units, etc. directly from structural soffit to avoid loading of the suspension framing and always alienate connecting clips on primary channels.

• Easy to cut to length using tin strips
• Mineral wool can be incorporated for thermal or acoustic insulation
• Creates a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes
• Fits easily together
• Suitable for fixing all types of plaster board
• Creates void above the ceiling for services
• Improved acoustic performances can be achieved by using Acoustic Hangers
Gypsum Board Ceiling

Gypsum Board Ceiling
An economical friction-fit system to assemble frames for strong, compact, lightweight non load-bearing partitions, Metal stud partitioning is ideal for use in domestic and commercial situations, for heights up to 12m and a wide range of partition thicknesses. When installing, ensure that electrical cables that pass through floor or ceiling are protected by grommets when installing studs.For speedy, accurate installation the use of an electrically or battery operated screw gun is recommended.

• Quick to erect, lightweight and clean
• Metal Stud is dimensionally accurate and will not twist or bow
• Range of stud widths – 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 92mm and 146mm to meet different performance requirements
• Services are easy to install
• Mineral wool can easily be installed to uprate sound insulation
• Easy to cut to length using tin snips
• Frames easily fit together
• Door frames simply formed
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