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Metal Building SystemMetal Building SystemMetal Building SystemMetal Building SystemMetal Building System

Metal Building System
Handling & Storage:
Metacil Buildtech ensures that structural steel is stored out of mud and dirt and proper drainage of the storage area is provided if required to protect from damage or soiling by adjacent construction operations.

Metacil Buildtech prepares detailed general arrangement drawings giving complete information necessary for the fabrication of the structures. All information is clearly given. The drawings are strictly in conformity with the best modern practices. A marking diagram allotting identification marks to each separate piece of steel work is prepared. The drawing has sufficient details to ensure convenient assembly and erection of the structure.

Basic Building Parameters

Building Length:
Whenever possible maintain equal bay lengths throughout the building. When this is not possible make all interior bays equal and make the end bays equal but shorter than the interior bays.

Building Width:
Whenever possible make building width a multiple of 3m. This is because roof purlins are spaced at 1.5 m is equal to two purlin spacings one on each side of the ridge.

Building Parameter

Building Width:
No matter what primary framing system is used, the building width is defined as the distance from outside of eave strut of one sidewall to outside of eave strut of the opposite sidewall.

Building Length:
The distance between the outside flanges of endwall columns in opposite endwall is considered the building length. Building Length is a combination of several bay lengths.

End Bay Length:
End Bay Length is the distance from outside of the outer flange of endwall columns to centerline of the first interior frame columns.

Interior Bay Length:
Interior Bay Length is the distance between center lines of two adjacent main frame columns. The most common bay lengths are 7m, 7.5m and 8m. Bay length can be up to 15m by placing Jack Beam based on the particular requirement.

Design Loads:
Unless otherwise specified USS Pre Engineered Buildings are designed for the following minimum loads. Roof live loads: 0.57 KN/M2 Design Wind Speed: 140Km/h

Special Conditions:
Conditions for snow loads, earthquake loads, collateral loads or any other local climatic condition (if required) must be specified at the time of enquiry for quotation. Normally, loads for Pre Engineered Steel Buildings are applied in accordance with the latest American Codes and standards applicable to pre engineered steel buildings as mentioned earlier.

The most common primary framing systems are shown. All shown symmetrical about the ridge line. Framing systems unsymmetrical about the ridge line and Multi Span framing systems with unequal width modules are also possible. Practically any frame geometry is possible. Contact us for your specific requirement. Our representative will always give you the right solution.
Building Parameters

Sample Reaction Scheme

Roofing & Cladding sheets:
Roofing and Cladding Sheet
Color Chart is an approximate display of RAL colors. Actual Colors may vary from those shown herein. Refer to an original RAL Color Card for a precise color reproduction.

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