Aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honey comb panel no matter in any size can provide high straightness and feature of hard deformation . The panel is made of fluorocarbon – coated aluminum plate featured in continuous rolling technology. The aluminum panel is painted all at once ,leaving a homogenous color and smooth surface , which can keep the covered wall colorful for the long time . After being exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time , the rolling painting wall is more bright and clean than the one painted through flame paint , indicating that it is excellent at adhersion and weather fastness.

DECORATIVE , SAFE , CONVENIENT AND SPEED The Base of the honey comb plate can use different material like aluminum plate , corrosion resistant plate, colored plate and stone , depending on the requirements. The wall honey comb aluminum plate is designed according to site conditions but processed at the factory. The edges of the plate are bucked and molded compositely . The hanger connecting to the plate to form a hole make the plate more secured . The production are all made at the factory to ensure reliable and speed installation . he Honey comb plate is a good choice for it’s strength rigidness and smoothness while the corrugated plate is good choice for large plate and arc plate. The front surface is 1.0-1.2mm aluminium plate while at the back it is steel or aluminium materials in corrugated shape. The plate can meet special requirements of designers in movie theaters and exhibition hall.

Product Specification