Metal Buildings



To meet the growing demand for light steel villa system, our company has introduced this building system from Japan, North America, Australia and other regions. The main features of this system is as follows: wall load-carrying structure is constituted of small-spacing and cold-rolled light gauge steel; new materials with the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good thermal insulation and re resistance are used for wall panels and oors; building ttings are standardized and normalized, etc. The exterior wall is consisted of exterior wall panel, vapor barrier, structural exterior plate, light steel stud, heat insulation, and interior veneer. Exterior wall panels include: PVC hanging board, ALC hanging board, ber cement hanging board, and Synthetic material hanging board, all of which can meet the requirements of various elevation effects. Interior wall uses light steel stud, gypsum board and insulated partition wall, with maximum re resistance up to 2 hours; sound insulation up to 53DB; thermal resistance rating of insulating cotton inside wall is between R13-R30; Waterproof layer of the outside wall uses moisture-proof paper with the character of air-permeated and water-repellent

The roong system of typical light steel villa system mainly constitutes joist, structuralpanel and suspension ceiling. The joist uses H-beam or cold-formed gauge steels asload-carrying structure; the structural panel is galvanized proled sheet; the suspensionceiling is light steel joist and plasterboard. Generally, light steel villas have sloping roofs,basic structural forms are: light steel roof truss, structural panel, vapor barrier, thermalinsulator, and roof tile which including asphalt shingle tile, ceramic tile and so on, with2 various colors and shapes, and high strength for against wind, heat keeping and water proof.

Compared with brick-concrete structure, light steel villa is more dynamic, and withbetter thermal insulation. With different wall materials can create different architectural styles. Compared with wooden structure, light steel villa is more cost-effective and most materials for light steel villa are environmentally friendly. In addition, because of small section size and light weight of the light gauge steel, the space of the house can increase 5~8% compared with traditional structure. What's more, light steel villa system requires simple construction process and short project term. For instance, the construction term will no more than 2 months for a two-story villa about 300m2 from design to everything nished, and the process only need 5 workers. The main structure requires only 15 days

Technical advantages

  1. Anti-seismic:
  2. Good Performance for against wind:
  3. Durability:
  4. Heat Preservation Performance:
  5. Fire Resistance:
  6. Sound-proof Performance:
  7. Healthiness:
  8. Comfort:
  9. Termite resistant:
  10. Fast Assemble:
  11. Environmental friendl:
  12. Energy-Saving: