Metal Buildings

The most common type of metal used in the present were galvanized, aluminum and aluznicsheets which were pre-painted, with its composition with polyurethane and manufacture of sandwich panel which can be reached to the product that some of the special characteristics of it is in the following

In simple language combine rigid polyurethane core between two layers of steel, which is called the sandwich panel. Rigid polyurethane is quite hard and brittle, so lonely is not very usable. But with making it like a sandwich between two layers of sheet metal material with high tensile strength which we can achieve a product with the mechanical very good properties

Special design of the coldroom sandwich panel

These panels design is such that after installation,the full connection between of rigid polyurethane panel of two pieces nearby each other takes place

Roof Sandwich Panels

This type of sandwich panel is used in structure ans and to cover the roofs. The design of the this sandwich panel is in a manner that prevents water penetration during rainfall. This means that when climate is rainfall of the puff of wind on every sides is possible.

Simlpe & Refrigeration wall sandwich panels

Use of this type of sandwich panels is very extensive. Depending on the thickness of the polyurethane core panel, this panel construction can be used in fridge or construction

The Cam Lock sandwich panels

The ain characteristic of this sandwich panel is that they are rapidly assembled. Special of this panels is how to connect them to each other which using the special tools done


Good mechanical strength
Light weight
Resistance to rat and insects
and other vermin penetration
Lower heat transfer coef´Çücient
Fire resistance
Variety of colors
Fast and easy to install
Low cost installation
No need specialized
for installation